Blue Ocean 18 Corp. (from here on “The Company”), under its brand Tecno.Blue, is committed to protecting your privacy and personal identity information (“Personal Details”). The Company has created this Privacy Policy so that you may know which information (“Information” - which includes but is not limited to Personal Details) The Company collects about you when you use the Services and/or Software and/or Website and/or mobile applications supplied by The Company (together forming the “Services”), how The Company collects this information, how it is used and the rights and options available to you regarding your information.

This Privacy Policy is part of and should be read along with the Legal Terms and Conditions of Usage of the Web Hosting of Tecno.Blue. When you access or use the Services, you accept that The Company may collect, use and disseminate your information according to the terms of this Privacy Policy (the “Policy”).

Collection of Information.

The Company collects and stores, without any limitations, your information, including: name, home or other physical address, email address, telephone number and other contact details. The Company also collects and stores a register of activity unique to you which contains certain information related to traffic, which includes: IP address, software installed, time of access, date of access, website(s) visited, user language, software error reports, type of browser used, technical usage of the Services, the use of any software (including, but not limited to, the extension and success using said software) and all the information necessary to ensure that the use you make of the Services is according to the contract in the legal Terms and Conditions of usage of the web hosting of Tecno.Blue. The Company collects and stores the aforementioned information when you visit or use the Website and/or Software and/or Services, and when you offer it to the Company, as well as from your communications with the Company.

For some services, The Company may also request a credit card number, an identification number provided by the government, or other financial details.

The Company receives and stores all the information which you input into our Website, or which you present us by any other means, even by email, telephone or other communications with our customer services department. If you communicate with us in order to receive technical help, we will maintain an internal register of the technical help which was provided.

We use your information to communicate with you and inform you of changes in the functions of our products, our Website and our mobile applications, new Tecno.Blue services, and special offers we believe will be of use to you. If you prefer not to receive this information, see the section “Election/Exclusion” which appears below in order to know how to change your preferences.

We will also be able to use your information to present you with offers from associated or affiliated brands. If we collect your information in relation to an associated or affiliated brand's offer, at that time it will be specified who collects the information and whose privacy declaration is applied in that specific case.

The Services allow different details based on location. When using the Services, we can collect and maintain location information in realtime, including position coordinates provided by your mobile phone. We identify your location through the GPS component of your mobile phone, through your cell ID or through the WiFi network you employ. Essentially we use your location information to provide the Services and improve their functioning.

Within our Website and mobile applications, we and our associates, affiliates and/or statistic or service providers use technology such as cookies, markers, tags and scripts to analyse trends, administrate the Website and the mobile applications, and collect demographic information regarding our entire userbase. We can receive reports from these companies regarding the use of these technologies by individuals or the collective userbase.

You are responsible for guaranteeing the accuracy of the information which you provide to The Company. Inaccurate information will affect the information you receive when using the Services and the ability of The Company to communicate with you, as outlines in this Policy, as well as the ability to offer you the Services in the best possible way.

The following sections of this Policy provide further details regarding what we do with that information.

How we employ your information.

We can use the information with the following intentions:

  • To offer you the Services, their attributes and functions.
  • To send you notifications and updates, to perform questionnaires related to the Services and to provide you information related to the Services – through the Services interface or through email, according to availability.
  • To offer you promotions and information about third party products and services.
  • To respond to messages you send us and be able to offer support and help.
  • To improve and personalize your experience and those of other users through the Services.
  • To improve the Services' pre-existing attributes and to develop new attributes and services.
  • To prevent fraud, embezzlement, infractions, identity theft and any other misuse of the Services.
  • To enable our function, archive, administrative and internal auditing activities.
  • To contact you how and when we believe necessary.
  • To enforce abidance by the Terms and by this Policy and to prevent misuse of the Services.
  • To fulfil any law and allow security organisations or authorities acting under any law, when we believe in good faith that our cooperation with said entities is a legal obligation or fulfils applicable legal requirements.
  • To prevent imminent damage to people or property.
  • To take any action in any case of dispute or legal process of any type between yourself and us, or between yourself and any other users or third parties where the Services are concerned.

Sharing information with third parties.

We can share information with third parties under any of the following scenarios or subject to your explicit consent.

  • To run, maintain and improve the Services.
  • To fulfil purchase transactions which involve or refer to third parties as payment providers.
  • If you have broken the legal Terms and Conditions of usage of the web hosting of Tecno.Blue, abused your rights when using the Services, or violated any applicable law. Your information may be shared with competent authorities and which any other third party, as required.
  • If we have reason to believe we are legally obliged to share or divulge your information.
  • In any case of dispute or legal process of any type which implicates you in relation to the Services.
  • If the operation of the Services is performed via another setting, or through another jurisdiction or entity (for example, due to fusion or acquisition), under the condition that these entities commit to submitting themselves to the outlines of the current Policy, with reasonable and necessary changes accounted for.
  • The information can be shared with our affiliates, sister companies and parent companies, but their use must be according to the Privacy Policy.

In any case not covered above, your personal information will be shared with others only under your prior and explicit consent.

Third party services.

Tecno.Blue is associated with a series of select service providers, whose services and solutions complement, facilitate and improve ours. These include co-location of host services and servers, content delivery networks, cybernetic and data security services, billing and payment processing services, domain registration, fraud detection and prevention services, email distribution and monitoring services, recording and remote access to session services, services for the mediation of performance and optimization of data, content providers, and our legal and financial advisors (collectively “Third Party Services”).

Said Third Party Services can receive or in any way have complete or partial access to our Visitors' and Users' Personal Data, according to each of their functions and particular purposes to facilitate and improve our services, and can only use this data to those ends.

Be aware that although our Services may contain links to other websites or services, we are not responsible for the privacy practices of said websites or services, and we insist you bear this in mind when you exit our Services and proceed to read the privacy declarations of each and every one of the websites and services you visit. This Privacy Policy does not apply to said linked websites or Third Party Services.

Features of the social networking sites and websites in the margins.

Our services include certain features and widgets related to Social Networks, such as the features “Connect to Facebook” or “Log In with Google”, the “Like” button from Facebook or the “Share” button or other small interactive programs (“Social Media Features”). These Social Media Features can collect information such as your IP address of what page you are visiting on our Website, and can install a cookie to allow them to function properly. The Social Media Features are not hosted by a third party nor directly in our Services. Their interactions with other third parties are guided by their policies and not ours.

Furthermore, our Services can permit you to share your Personal Data directly with third parties, such as through frame content providers or through Third Party Services or others, conserving the appearance of our Website and our Services. If you choose to interact with or share any Personal Data through these settings, you, and not us, are submitting it to Third Parties, and these interactions and this exchange are also guided by the Third Party Policies and not by ours.


Every communication sent to you by the company includes a simple and free mechanism which allows you to opt out of receiving communications from The Company. If you have any question related to opting out, please put yourself in contact with customer services via the email

We use de-identified or aggregated information.

We can use de-identified, statistical or aggregated information, including information processed according to this Policy, to run the Services properly, to develop and improve the operation of the Services, to improve your experience, to create new services, including personalized ones, to alter or cancel existing features and for other investigation, development and statistical ends. We can share, publish, spread, transmit, communicate or submit said information to providers, business partners, sponsors, promoters, affiliates, or any other third party, at our discretion. However we do not knowingly or intentionally share information which could reasonably be employed to reveal your identity without your consent.


We can use cookies as a part of our Services. Cookies are sets of information sent by our servers to your browser or handset and later returned by the browser whenever you access our servers. Cookies can contain a variety of information, such as websites you have access, session durations and IP addresses. We can also use cookies to prevent you from having to input your details every time you sign in to the Services.

We can use cookies for various ends, such as facilitating the use of the Services, collecting statistical information about the use of the Services, verifying information, adjusting the Services according to your personal preferences and for data protection purposes.

Some cookies may expire at the end of a session and upon exiting your browser. Others are stored in the harddrive of your device. If you wish to block our cookies, you can do it by selecting “Options” in your browser menu and following the relevant instructions. You can read the Help files of your browser for further details. However, be aware that disabling cookies may complicate or even prevent usage of the Services, or certain features of the Services.


The Company has implemented adequate security policies, rules and technical measures to protect and safeguard the Personal Data under their control against unauthorized access, embezzlement or disclosure, unauthorized alteration, illegal destruction or accidental loss. All employees and data handlers from The Company who have access to and are associated with your Personal Data are obligated to respect the confidentiality of your Personal Data.

On the website, when your sensitive data is transferred, The Company uses the latest encryption technology 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to ensure that your data is transferred securely online.

Although these measures reduce the risk of security violations, they do not provide absolute security. Therefore, although we take reasonable measures to protect the information, we cannot guarantee immunity to any crime, malfunction, illegal interception or other unauthorized access.

Links to other sites.

The Website can contain links to other sites. Other sites can also make reference to or link to the Website. The Company is not held liable for the privacy practices or the content of said websites, and any information collected by these third party online services are not guided by this Policy, and The Company does not assume any responsibility or liability for the policies (including the privacy policy), practices, actions or omissions of said third parties.

We reserve different types of Personal Data for different periods, based on the intentions under which the information is processed and on our legitimate commercial ends. When we no longer need to process your personal information, we may take measures to de-identify the information.

In general, so long as you are a user of the Services, we will not eliminate the information connection to you, unless there are technical reasons why we can only retain certain parts of the data, or if we are legally forced to delete them.

Be aware that we are going to retain and reveal information whenever we see it as necessary to satisfy orders from courts and governmental bodies. We will inform you of this dissemination, only if we are explicitly permitted to do so. In any case, we can retain any type of aggregated or anonymous information for statistical, development, commercial or other ends, for an indefinite amount of time.

Transfer and deletion of your information.

In the eventuality that The Company sells, assigns or transfers any or all of their trade or activities to a successor or acquirer, or if The Company is acquired or fused with a third party, or if the company declares itself broke or bankrupt, The Company will be able to sell, give or transfer the total of your information, regardless of your exclusion status, to said successor or acquirer.

This contact is governed by the laws of the Republic of Panamá, the country where The Company is based. The reports assign as an address for the terms of this contract, that of the city of Panamá to whose courts' jurisdiction the reports explicitly claim to exclusively submit to.

Your account with The Company can be cancelled according to the legal Terms and Conditions of usage of the web hosting of Tecno.Blue. Be aware, however, that if The Company should do so they will conserve a record of your information, including after said termination.

Your acceptance of this policy.

Upon accepting legal Terms and Conditions of usage of the web hosting of Tecno.Blue during the process of registering and/or making a purchase on the Website, or through continued use of the Services, you accept this Policy, and any change which The Company may make to this Privacy Policy when it believes it necessary, without needing to notify you of these changes. We recommend that you revise this Policy regularly, so that you stay up to date on the current Policy. The continued use of the Services after changes made to the Privacy Policy assumes acceptance of these changes.

Important warning regarding the privacy of minors.

We do not allow people who are not of legal age to use the Services. If you are not of age, you will not be allowed to use the Services and should not provide us with any information.

We do not deliberately collect Personal Data from people who are not of age. If we are made aware that a minor provided us with Personal Data, will will use reasonable measures to eliminate said information from our database.

We request that parents control the use that their children make of online and mobile applications. We will delete the Personal Data of a minor if their parents request it by contacting us via